I just love making stuff...

I’m Gina, the face behind ‘by Gina’. Graphic designer, avid crafter and full-time mum. Being a small business owner means I have to wear many hats: designer/maker, art director/photographer, marketeer/shop keeper, among just a few. It can be quite full on.

I started sewing as a girl, watching and learning from my mum (thanks mum!). Back then I mostly made clothes, but now I mainly make gifts that will be useful in some way. I love patterned fabrics and tend to hoard any tiny scraps I come by. Sometimes these are the inspiration for a new product as I need to find a way to make them useful and not go to waste.

Image of Gina

When I first started making things to sell, I combined pretty patterned fabrics with plain cotton to create applique designs for glasses cases, make-up bags and other useful items mainly for women, but living in a household of men, I was inspired to make gifts they would like as well. This is how my washbags were born. I started with a bicycle illustration that I screenprinted onto fabric and then made up into bags. The washbags have changed shaped from their original design but the graphic images are the same. I now have a classic Mini and camper to add to the collection. I design and draw the images myself and then transfer them onto a silk screen. I have used these images on other products as well, such as my tea towels and coasters. I love bright colours and bold designs, so I try to combine the two. I still love printed fabrics and these still feature in some of my products such as my greetings cards and pin cushions.

In 2017, I went on a lamp-working (glass bead-making) course and was totally hooked. So much so, that I bought my own torch, kiln and glass rods to start practising at home. One thing led to another and I now have a garden studio where I make my beads and will soon be offering bead-making taster sessions.

I use my beads to make one-off jewellery items and ornaments that I sell along side my textile gifts.

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